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Staff Recommendations

Top products tried and tested, recommended by our pets to yours!

Here you'll find a collection of our favourite products, tried and tested by our own pets we recommend to yours!
We hope our recommendations from Pet Shop staff past and present will help our customers with solutions to
some common pet problems or maybe give you some ideas if you are looking to try your pet with something new.
Do you have a miracle product you've tried with your pet you want to recommend?
Contact Us or let us know via Facebook or Twitter,
we want to hear from you!


Mo and Janno recommend James Wellbeloved Dog Food

A hypoallergenic food that is gentle on the stomach and easy to digest, it is especially good for deep chested dogs like Janno. It is kind on the skin as it doesn't contain any animal derivatives and is available in a range of tasty kibble and treats!


Sally and Holly recommend Hollings Dried Sausages

One of our very best sellers, and Holly's personal favourite! Air dried sausages full of flavour, they are a yummy treat for adult dogs and one of many popular natural dried treats we have in store including black pudding, petaroni pizza and burgers.

Caroline and Cookie recommend rope toys and linseed
Rats and mice love to climb and I find hanging a couple of simple dog or parrot rope toys around the cage have kept all my mice entertained for hours! A small sprinkle of linseed in your rat or mouse's food promotes a shiny coat and if you have a fussy rodent like Cookie who doesn't enjoy packaged treats - a small amount of millet spray is a very welcome treat and good for training!

Katie and Nina recommend Just Grass and Carefresh

Just grass is one of our most popular products for small animals; it's a great treat for rabbits and guinea pigs as it isn't fattening and a good way to get fibre into their diet. Carefresh bedding definately helps to keep Nina's cage smell free and as it is free from dust it's very easy to clean up.

Sarah and Spyro recommend Cricket Dust and waxworms

A perfect way to get some calcium into your reptile or amphibians diet if you have an insect eating pet like Spyro. His particular favourite is waxworms which are a popular treat for reptiles but should only be fed occasionaly as a treat due to their high fat content. They are so popular with Bearded Dragons that they can be a useful way of aiding handling. 

Leanne and Wobbly recommend Whiskas Anit-Hairball and Royal Canin Intense Hairball 34

When Wobbly suffers from hairballs, Royal Canin Intense Hairball 34 works wonders in getting rid of the problem. Combine this high quality food with Whiskas Anti-Hairball treats, and Wobbly's hairball problems disappear! It's helpful that he find these treats delicious and that they're only £1.00 when on special offer at The Pet Shop!