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Face of the Month

Here you'll find a collection of our favourite four-legged and furry customers!    

Of course we allow pets into our store however big or small, in fact we love nothing more than furry visitors! Our customers enjoy trying our products with their pets before they buy, and we enjoy fussing over their pets with a treat and a play. From rats to Rottweilers and everything inbetween, we've always had a range of cute pets popping into our store while their owner shops around and that's what inspired us to start our Face of The Month collection. We hope you enjoy our pictures below, and many thanks to the proud owners who have allowed us to showcase their little cuties!

Right now we're opening up our Face of The Month to you at home on our Facebook and Twitter, post your pet pictures online and we could be showcasing your pet next!



October 2011 - Susie
Adorable Susie patiently poses as she waits for a piece of her favourite treat - black pudding stick!

November - Tia
Tia knows just how to work the staff with those eyes and her multitude of tricks, she's always greeted
with a happy cheer and a fight to get to the treat jar first!

December - Kierra
With a little help from her owners we managed to distract Kierra from a squeaky snowman just long
enough to get a quick pic

January - Katy
Thanks to her mum's expertise, baby Katy has very quickly learned where the treat jar is kept and
the pair are often found at a staff members feet before their lovely owners reach our door! 

February - Dizzy
Little Dizzy is seen here sporting her new cosy coat after a spell of padding around the shop in various
colours and designs a well deserved treat and cuddle soon followed for being so patient!

March - Kiera
Beautiful Kiera has spotted the Guinea Pigs here! A gentle giant, she's still got plenty growing to do yet!

April - Happy Easter!
The lovely new owners of this adorable bunny let us take a little picture before she left the shop, shes
the perfect little easter bunny I'm sure you'll agree!

May - Buster

Little cutie Buster having a good old explore outside!

June - Angus
Adorable Angus! Our first Face of The Month chosen via Facebook and our most liked entry, Brenda must
be so proud!

July - Dylan and Ozzy
It's two for the price of one this July! Submitted by Kirsty via Facebook, I think it's safe to say:
cat + fellow cat + tiny space + blanket = feline bliss!

August - Jenson
Here's a face guaranteed to make you smile! Happy little Jenson brightens up our August, many thanks to
Anna-Marie for submitting this lovely pic!

September - Streaky Bacon and Fuzzy Wuzz

A big thanks to Alison for sending us this lovely pic of her hammies looking very cute and curious!